About us:
The Leading Men Collection is part of a 21-year old company that has worked with celebrities and celebrity promotions for the better part of 2 decades. Above all else, this is a labor of love and a hobby. You may notice that the few reputable celebrity-wardrobe shops charge much more for the same kinds of merchandise. The other reputable sellers focus on the films and TV productions. We focus on the celebrities themselves. They tend to overprice wardrobe worn by celebrities in more popular productions based on the success of the film or TV series. Our goal is to make guaranteed authentic celebrity-worn clothes as affordable as possible. And each item comes with at least one Certificate of Authenticity and a guarantee.

Why is it only Leading Men?

There are a handful of companies out there that sell celebrity-worn clothing. And for the most part, the clothes worn by celebrity women are more abundant and less expensive. Male celebrities typically get more box office promotion and smaller on-screen wardrobes. All this drives male wardrobe prices higher. So finding a way to offer male celebrity gear at lower prices than previously available became our chosen path.

This online division and our parent company also saw a need for a more gay-friendly online gallery. Male celebrities depicted on the big screen are non-judgemental, heroic and the stuff of fantasy for a society that is still searching for real-life heros.  If we can, we want to fulfill a few fantasies and offer a supportive shopping environment for a group of people who are among the very last to be legally discriminated against.
While gay men are often seen as more connected to the entertainment industry, celebrities and fashion, we also recognize that there are passionate straight male and female fans of these celebrities, and we support you, too. This is not a site designed to exclude anyone. Certainly, buying and enjoying celebrity-worn clothes and autographed photos does not define anyones sexual preference. And all packaging is orientation-neutral from "LMC".

What kind of guarantee do you offer?
We gurantee the authenticity of every item we sell and we take authenticity very seriously. Please visit our Guarantee and Policies section for specific guarantee terms. Each item comes with at least on Certificate of Authenticity.

Where do these clothes come from?
When a TV or film production "wraps" or ends, the wardrobe and props are liquidated. There are companies that specialize in the selling off of these items. We buy from these companies, we go on regular buying trips to Burbank and the studios, and we work with other collectors and a small network of trusted brokers to bring you the most remarkable collection of wardrobe from leading men ever assembled. Every item comes from a verifiable souce we can guarantee with confidence. Please feel free to ask about how we acquired any item that interest

Why do the clothes sometimes look wrinkled in the pictures?
We make every effort not to alter the condition of the clothes. We could have them washed and ironed, but for most people that would be defeating the purpose of having these authentic items. We recommend gently shaking them out and steaming them if you are going to display them.

How do they come and what should I expect?
As soon as we get the wardrobe, we pack the individual items in a zipper bag. The goal is to keep the item as it was when the actor took it off for the last time. Whenever possible, items are packed in the smallest size bag possible with most of the excess air removed. We are also able to save on shipping by keeping the items folded relatively compactly. Once the clothes are removed from their bags, shaken and lightly steamed, they can be easily displayed. Most of the clothes look fairly newish and smell slightly of clothes sizing and unwashed laundry. Most items are purchased new for each production and only worn for a few hours. Of course, several items are deliberately made to look old and worn, and we will always tell you about that kind of wear or special preparation. It is also common for there to be small makeup stains on or near the collars of shirts, but there exceptions to every rule. Each item is unique, so feel free to ask questions. The items are well labeled and come with the appropriate COA(s) and any other documentation. Items are carefully packed in plain boxes and the shipper is indicated as "LMC".

Can I wear these clothes?
Most of the wardrobe collector's sites out there would scream at you simply for asking, but we think you should do whatever makes you happy with the items you have purchased. We can't guarantee the durability or functionality of the items, but we can give you detailed descriptions to help you decide if a particular item is right for what you want. If you don't see a size listed, just ask. If you want more information, ask. We want you to be happy with every purchase.

Do you take credit cards?
We recommend credit card payment as it offers you an extra layer of buyer protection. It costs us money, but we do it for your convenience and protection. And speaking of protection, you will notice Authorize.net seals in "policies", and in the check-out area. As you click on these, you will see that we are a verified provider of this secure credit card processor. In one area of the check out when you click to verify, you will see a provider name for a company in Vancouver or California. That is the credit card processing company that contracted with Authorize.net. At no point will your information be shared or sold. This is a very secure arrangement and your privacy and security is very important to us. If you would rather pay with PayPal, just click one of the many email contact links throughout the site and we'll send you an invoice that you can pay through PayPal.


What kind of Certificate of Authenticity will I get?
Every item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Leading Men Collection. It is a handsome certificate worthy of display. Most items will come with 2 certificates of authenticity. The second, when specified, can be from a studio or one of the companies that is selected by the studios to represent them in selling wardrobe and props. Each of those entities has a different COA style. The COAs from Leading Men Collection look like this: